Special Entry Permits

Relocate to paradise.

Barbados Welcome Stamp

Work remotely in paradise for a year with the Barbados Welcome Stamp. Eligable to non-nationals who are:

  • Employed in a country other than Barbados
  • Able to provide proof of an annual income of US$50,000.00 or more which is generated outside of Barbados
  • In possession of valid health insurance covering the period for which the stamp is granted. Applications can be submitted on behalf of an individual applicant who will be engaging in remote work in Barbados or an individual and his/her accompanying family and dependants.

Special Entry Permits

Barbados offers a Special Entry Permit (SEP) to High Net Worth Individuals or retired property owners.

An SEP enables you as well as your family to obtain residency status in Barbados. Qualifying SEP groups:

  • People who make an investment in Barbados of at least US $2 million from funds sourced outside of Barbados in addition to evidence of high net worth in excess of US$5 million.
  • Retired property owners who are over 60 years of age qualify for an indefinite SEP that will not expire.
  • Retired property owners who are under 60 years of age qualify for a SEP that is valid until they reach 60 years of age. At that time, the SEP must then be renewed as an indefinite Special Entry Permit that will not expire.
  • High net worth persons are defined as those with over US $5 million in net assets.

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